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Projects and thoughts from the best view in Cincinnati an okay view in San Jose a chill view of the interstates of Oakland
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Electronic Music Events

19hz.info | oakland,music,things-to-do

How We Make Gods

m.nautil.us | video-games,history

Population Mountains

udding.cool | neat,cities,urbanism

Preserving Worlds

reservingworlds.ne | communities,games,series

Towards Elvish Technology

essays.georgestrakhov.com | death,magic,human,world,technology


ystemspace.network | weird,lain

DIY [^]

Archiving C64 Tapes Correctly

www.pagetable.com | vintage-computing,tutorials

How to Process Your C-41 Film at Home

etapixel.com | photograhy,projects,tutorial

"The Hackers Diet"

www.fourmilab.ch | nutrition,self-care

ZoomFloppy Binaries

www.tootill.co.uk | tutorials,vintage-computers

Economics [^]

Electric Barons

wolfmd.me | infrastructure

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apjcn.nhri.org.tw | chemicals,nootropics

Melatonin Overview

www.lesswrong.com | chemicals,nootropics

Software Engineering [^]

ASCII Graphs and Sliders

www.wolfram.org | web-development,tutorial

Chinese BGP Hacking

cholarcommons.usf.edu | networkinhn,personal-experiences,cyber-security

Database Modelling in Flask

overiq.com | tutorials,nullbrook,python,databases,flask

Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Podcast 2018

raffic.libsyn.com | civilization ends\r\rElon Musk regarding AI takeover -- if you cant beat it,join it. Reads like the Wetware concept of humans as a phenomenal beast of evolution and real-time adaptation and immunity",artificial-intelligence,interviews,podcasts

Finding Friend and Foe in Multi-Agent Games

wolfmd.me | video-games,artificial-intelligence

Image Optimization Tutorial

freshman.tech | projects,tutorial,nullbrook

Mail Loop From Hell

blog.dbrgn.ch | anecdotes,history

My Own Private CDN

www.petekeen.net | networking,tutorial

Old Photo Colorizer ML System

github.com | artificial-intelligence,image-recognition,nullbrook

Programming on Ethereum Part 1

ocalog.com | tutorial,ethereum,blockchain

SQLAlchemy in Flask — Flask 1.0.2 documentation

flask.pocoo.org | tutorials,nullbrook,python,databases,flask

Static Website on IPFS

leotindall.com | ipfs,projects,tutorial

Systems not Programs

alabh.com | architecture,observability,systems-thinking

Using / proc to get a stacktrace

ops.tips | system-administration,unix,debugging

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qtemu.org | virtualization,software